Messi showed his talents to the world.

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Messi showed his talents to the world.

Messi and his talents.

In June 2004 a dream became reality for the teenager.

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From Rosario at only 17 and before he had played a senior game for Barcelona Lionel Messi debuted for Argentina in an under-20 friendly match against Paraguay in 2005, he led Argentina's under-20 side to victory in the FIFA World Youth Championship here Messi showed his talents to the world and dominated the competition scoring six times to claim the Golden Boot as well as the Golden Ball for best player thanks to this brilliant performance Messi made his debut for Argentina on August 17, 2005, however, he wasn't given the chance to make much of impression as two minutes into his international career.

He was controversially sent off for a stray elbow on defender Phil mas van Jack despite this mishap Leo stayed optimistic about his future and looked forward to the 2006 FIFA World Cup there's only a short time to go and I haven't been able to play them but there's a beautiful match going on which is the Champions League climbing but I'm already living all the ANSI verses as everybody now is starting to talk about the world notice and lotta money in this all the teams are difficult nothing will be easy but we have a great team and most global sporting competition the world has to offer with 198 national football sides buying for the crown as the best football team on earth after approximately three years of qualification.

It comes to 32 countries and one month of cutthroat competition in the 2006 World Cup Argentina found themselves in Group C a strong group that contained the Netherlands Serbia and Montenegro and the Ivory Coast who would be Argentina's first opponents it is a very difficult match because this is the first match they will do everything to win daddy they demonstrated that they can play great football and they have a lot of good football players and the girl but it's a difficult match because it's a World Cup team but is it working and how did Messi cope with his rising popularity before the 2006 World Cup alien the banner is very uncommon and very beautiful something so big and so special I hope I can do my best to be worthy I also hope that people were like get up in the Nordic despite their tough group Argentina advanced around 16 undefeated.

They were down by Mexico 2-1 but eventually lost in the quarterfinals to host country Germany in a penalty shootout another chance for Messi to find worldwide acclaim was the Summer Olympics where he wanted to represent Argentina, however, FC Barcelona refused to let Messi leave midseason and a Court of Arbitration found that Barcelona was well within their rights to hold onto the talented midfielder the cast panel composed of three arbitrators found that Schalke Werder Bremen and Barcelona had no legal obligation to release the players for the Olympic tournament the players - eeeh Jeju and Messi FC Barcelona's president joined LaPorta try to explain that it wasn't personal.

They were simply trying to look after their brand well we are trying to defend our interest we just doing this with respect with humility and trying to respect our drive right however after talks with Barcelona manager Joseph Guardiola Messi was eventually given permission to play in the 2008 Olympic Games after facing his World Cup rivals the Ivory Coast and the Netherlands Messi's Argentina then faced Ronaldinho's Brazil in the semi-final but Messi's combination of speed and elusiveness proved too difficult for Brazil to match.

Argentina advanced toward the final in the gold medal match Messi's talent once again shown through his expertly timed pass found Amara in the 58th minute Damara scored and won Argentina.

The gold one-nil against a competitive Nigeria with the 2010 FIFA World Cup on the horizon can Messi once again lead his country to victory with the legend Diego Maradona as head coach it seems that they have all the ingredients for success thus far in his international career Messi has appeared 38 times for his country scoring 12 times including a double against Algeria in 2007 for an up-and-coming midfielder Lionel Messi's hai had always been a problem but the diagnosis of a growth hormone deficiency could have been a blessing in disguise the deficiency forced him to move to Europe where he caught the eye of one of the greatest clubs in the world years earlier than he otherwise might have.

FC Barcelona covered all of Messi's medical expenses.

While he rewarded their faith by training hard and developing his skills at a great pace football greats at Bobby Charlton recognized this of Argentina you know but when you get a special one like Messi who people talk about in the same the have so much expectation when people go to watch them but he has proved that he's not only a very very good boy nice boy he obviously listens he became the third-youngest player ever to play for Barcelona against RCD Espanyol he was only 17 years and 114 days however Messi wasn't just content to play in bars for a son he wanted to contribute and on May the 1st 2005.

He scored his first senior Club goal against alpha city Balam pay at the time becoming the youngest ever player to score a goal in a La Liga game for Barcelona in the upcoming seasons Messi six occasions in 17 League appearances, unfortunately, his year ended prematurely the following season Messi returned and continued to excite fans and dazzle opponents with his electric pace and gravity-defying ball control his game had come so far that many believed it's a past teammate Ronaldinho as the best one in the world for me Leo Messi is the best player in your the world right now.

We could talk about Leo the entire news conference but I think Leo's phenomenon comparisons were drawn between Messi and the legendary Maradona after Messi continued scoring goals at will including becoming the 1 player in over a decade to score a hat-trick in El clásico after the exciting winger matched Madonna's goal of the century against guitar foe during a Copa del Rey semi-final it seemed the comparison was justified the young Argentine was quickly dubbed Meza donor by the Spanish press in his short career at Barcelona Messi had appeared a total of 161 times and found the back of the net on 80 occasions his record of a goal every two games is the same for European and Cup competitions.


What not everyone knows about the Brazilian magician Ronaldinho.

Since Messi arrived for the club Barcelona had been La Liga champions three out of five seasons as well as winning the UEFA Champions League twice FC Barcelona has a long history of success winning La Liga on 19 occasions this brilliant record is only outdone by their rivals free on the trip you've amassed 31 the Liga Championships the FC Barcelona and Real Madrid rivalry is one of the fiercest rivalries in world sport their unrelenting competition against each other comes to a head at El Clasico where the two sides meet twice yearly Messi single-handedly kept Barca in El clásico during the 2006-2007 season when his hat-trick salvaged again his two goals against Real Madrid in 2009 saw Barca win 6-2 at Santiago bernabéu with this being the heaviest defeat for the white since the 1930s.

Leo Messi remains FC Barcelona's greatest weapon against the old phone it's hard to imagine that Lionel Messi who sir effortlessly dominates a football pitch has spent the majority of his life battling adversity born on June 24 1987 in the humble neighborhood of Rosario around 240 kilometers northwest of Buenos Aires the young football prodigy loved the game from the very beginning he spent his time playing football but always with his companions always surrounded by friends he was always a kind of leader his group was always there well but he was a charming kid and intelligent but always shy always humble that humility that you see now he's had from birth it wasn't only his the humility that won him attention during his childhood the silky-smooth skills.

We see today were apparent at a very early age whether it was on a makeshift pitch on the streets of his hometown or playing for grand Ollie a local club coached by his father Lionel or Leo for short one not only games but countless friends with his football brilliance even one of Missy's primary school teachers remembered his astonishing talent and fondly recalls a boy who lived for the Bell and dreamed of football Fame he was a football from very young because the only thing that interested him was the bell and that bell we had here in the patio so that he could leave for the makeshift football pitch and play football and everyone else behind him because they all realized that.

He was playing very well because they knew he would win after playing only a few seasons with grand Olly Messi while his football talent continued to blossom at age eleven Messi was diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency with treatment for the disease costing upwards of nine hundred dollars per month and expense that Newell's nor the interested river plate could afford it was left to Lionel's parents Jorge and Celia Messi to foot the bill Argentinians are passionate football fans players who lead their country to success on the pitch are treated not only as legends but as gods back home and Diego Maradona is the ultimate Argentinian football with figurines and statues erected in his honor and devoted fans following his every move.

The now-retired attacking midfielder is the most popular celebrity in all of Argentina despite battling drug addiction wave issues and facing death on numerous occasions his popularity and legend only continues to grow the Maradona story gathered momentum in the 1986 FIFA World Cup although he was already marked as a brilliant player it was during this tournament that Maradona caught the imagination of his fellow countrymen and brought home the World Cup trophy FIFA Player of the century and award he shares with Pele there are many parallels between marathoners game and the game of Lionel Messi.

They are both short in stature both having a blistering turn of speed and both had the ability to tear apart of Defense with swashbuckling evasive skills recognizing the similarities Maradona was keen to let fans know that mess he still had areas to improve on but Messi still has many miles to go February I think he would be having only 10 years to improve his life and it would be having a lot of time and to improve with him and I think he would be doing great in 2010 and I think he'd be doing like me a little over another library with Maradona to the 2010 World Cup the prize continued with a standout display by Messi with a friendly match against France, in early 2009 he played fantastically it's like the ball is an extension of his body better than thought about the win.

 Lionel Messi is surrounded by brilliant experienced footballs whom.

He can go to for advice about football or life in the general number one on his list of mentors is Carlos Tevez three years Messi senior Tavares has been playing professional football for almost a decade with 51 caps of his country the striker from Buenos Aires is renowned for his work ethic and never-say-die attitude currently playing for the Premier League side Manchester City two bears has been described by Maradona as the Argentine prophet for the 21st century another Argentine making waves is Juan román Riquelme who played alongside Messi in the 2008 Olympic Games despite no longer playing for the national team his experience proved vital in Argentina claiming the gold medal and veteran defender Carles Puyol who has played at FC Barcelona since 1995.

 Messi transition from awkward teenager to blistering talent.

We see today now in his 30s Puyol whose current captain with over 300 appearances for Barcelona is the perfect mentor for Messi Portuguese international and former FC Barcelona midfielder Decker is another footballer who has played a significant role in message development currently playing for EPL club Chelsea deco lined up alongside Messi in Barcelona to the 2008 2009 season joining Barcelona in 2007 Thierry honoré made an immediate impact scoring 45 goals in 91 appearances for the Spanish club the Frenchman's experienced upfront as well as on the left-wing has proved to be invaluable for both passer and Messi in the 2008 2009 season.

Omri played a pivotal role in Barcelona winning the treble the Copa del Rey the Liga and the UEFA Champions League however dual FIFA World Player of the Year Ronaldinho seems to have had the biggest influence on Leo Messi in his short career Ronaldinho spent five years between 2003 and 2008 playing for Barcelona during this five-year period the Brazilian attacking midfielder was clearly the best player in the world winning 14 individual awards but always remaining humble in the press a trade that Leo Messi seems to have paid attention to with comparisons to Maradona and clubs all over the world desperate to have Lionel Messi playing in their midfield the struggles of Rosaria were a distant memory.

Messi became one of the highest-paid players in football on August 7 2009 Messi accepted a contract with FC Barcelona that saw him become the highest-paid player the overtaking a Swedish striker Laughton Ibrahimovic his new yearly income of twenty-eight point six million euros can be broken down into three major segments salary bonuses and sponsorships Messi has two major sponsors which contribute around 20 million euros per year to his bank balance auditors and Pepsi auditors have been renowned for sponsoring football stars and creating clever marketing campaigns to promote not only their products but also the footballers a famous footballer wearing Adidas clothing especially added as football boots can create millions of dollars in revenue for the sports company each year.

The added sf50 I was launched by Messi and Emmanuel Adebayor in mid-2009 the boot which contains tunic technology enables the user to tailor the boot to suit their needs with their endorsements of the fashionable Footwear the new boots are likely to fly off the shelves Pepsi Messi's other major sponsor have also included him in numerous advertising campaigns in 2007 necie went on a promotional tour of several major cities in China to promote a limited-edition range of Messi Pepsi cans armies of fans greeted Messi in every city during his whirlwind tour of China 3,000 lucky competition winners taking part in Pepsi's activities alongside their hero as always.

He was more than happy to demonstrate a few tricks for the adoring crowd but the remaining eight point six billion euros comes from FC Barcelona Barcelona pays in a yearly salary of 8.5 million euros with bonuses of 0.1 million euros with the average season containing around 40 games that equates to two hundred and twelve thousand five hundred euros every time he steps out onto the pitch according to France magazine in 2009 Messi was 2 on the list of the world's richest football players David Beckham sits on top Ronaldinho is a distant third on the list with the majority of the modern-day footballer's income coming from sponsors image is everything no longer.

There's a player relies solely on playing ability but also reputation and marketability lucky for Leo he ticks all the boxes although a Messi might not have the sex appeal of the likes of Beckham or Cristiano his love of football and life, in general, is infectious not to mention his gentle smile and affectionate nature which have not only won him over with the sponsors but with millions of fans all over the world, Messi's journey to overcome adversity and reach his dream a dream shared by so many children all over the world also resonates with football fans no matter what country they're from or which team they support but then again some fans just like in because it can play football.

Messi's a new star no gay rising so it so quick no and his view is really good so you can't think at you can see he's like a knife through the field it's really good in his short career thus far Leo Messi has won more Awards than most footballers win in their entire career with a trophy room resembling an Egyptian King's tomb Messi has received 23 individual honors since 2004 these include three World Soccer Young Player of the Year awards UEFA champions league top scorer.

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the FIFA team of the Year in 2007 2008 whilst playing for FC Barcelona here's won nine titles including three La Liga championships and two UEFA Championships League for Argentina he has the FIFA under-20 World Cup in 2005 and Beijing gold in 2008 still only in the very early stages of his career, the future looks extremely bright for the midfielder from Rosario Argentina already considered one of the best players of his generation if it continues to progress at this current rate there is no doubt Lionel Messi will become one of the greatest footballers of all time.

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