The king of soccer : History of the legend Pele.

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The king of soccer : History of the legend Pele.

Brazil is the superpower thousands turn out just to watch them train today.


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Brazilian team contains superstars like Ronaldinho car cut and Robinho in Brazil football is in the blood and it is bid like this for generations from the beaches of Rio to the back streets of Sao Paulo.

There is always some sort of game going on this passion for the game has produced many champions but there is only one man who is known as the king of football [Music] in 1957 in his first full year with Santos and at the age of 16 Pele became the captain actor police's highest scorer he remained the league's top scorer for nine consecutive years the 1958 World Cup in Sweden and immediately the young Pele was in Brazil's national team my first World Cup when I was 17 years old you know was a beautiful history because eight years before I presume lost for Uruguay the World Cup in the 50s and my father was crying with a lot of Brazilians there and then my father used to say all men should be strong men doesn't cry my father cry when Brazil lost him then.

" I told father no don't worry I gonna win one World Cup before don't worry."

I was 9 years 9 to 10 years old then eight years late I wasn't in Sweden with Brazil with the 17 years old Brazil won the World Cup that's a gift for that because I don't know why I said, I asked I promised to my father it was Brazil's first World Cup with Pele scoring twice in the final against the host nation in 1962 in Chile Brazil won the World Cup for a second time by now Pele at the age of 21 was an international star and he was targeted with rough treatment after schooling in the first game against Mexico injury limited his contribution just four months before his World Cup campaign in 1966 Pele and his new bride rosemary arrived in Germany so great was Pele's international reputation, that the couple were docked by journalists but Europe was interested in Pele for other reasons the top clubs have been trying to tempt him to play in Italy or Spain but Brazil's national treasure was staying put it sent us at the start of what they had hoped would be a private honeymoon cameras and the press continued to be intrusive placing enormous stress on their new marriage.

Just one day after her wedding Rosemarie he was discovering what it would be like sharing her life with a superstar soon Pele and Rosemarie would have their first daughter Kelly Christina the 1966 World Cup tournament was held in England and having won the two previous cups Brazil were the outright favorites six of pelé's Santos teammates were in the Brazil squad Lula the Santos coach had stopped lightning Pele to other players saying he was incomparable rival World Cup team started focusing on Pele and the other Brazilian playmaker getting shot in the group stage Brazil were defeated by Hungary and Portugal in controversial circumstances the English referees seemed to miss an unusually large number of fouls to the top Brazilian players after an incident in the game against Portugal Pele limped for the rest of the game this was before the days of red and yellow cards matches after the tournament a disappointed Pele declared he would not play any more World Cup matches so dazzling was Pele's on-field performance that he was dubbed array the king an act of parliament was passed to prevent Pele being lured to Europe.

The resilient government ensured he was the most highly paid professional sportsman in the world.

A wax Apache of Pele was displayed in London and he found himself moving in exalted circles to this day heads of state and politicians are still keen to meet the legend and because he was so widely known as the king crowning ceremonies became part of peles ceremonial life museums around the world have different versions of peles crown now Santos were touring the world during breaks in the domestic season to play exhibition matches The effect of these games was astonishing during the Nigerian civil war a truce was declared so that people could safely see Pele play the United Nations were starting to take notice especially as Palais had an affinity with the young but not all the exhibition matches were triumphs a friendly game played at el Campin stadium in Bogota resulted in a melee with Pele being sent off this sparked a riot in the crowd who would come to see Pele play officials sent the referee off and reinstated Pele.

In November 1969 Pele had scored his 999th goal.

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In their away game against Vasco da Gama the crowd were keen to see the Melissa ball Pele's one-thousandth goal [Music] when entrada Vasco's Argentine goalkeeper prevented Pele's first attempt the crowd in Rio's Matakana stadium were furious even Vasco de Gama fans [Music] at halftime Santos were down one-nil and Pele remains scoreless Vasco were desperate to prevent Pele scoring but their fullback even hitting an own goal to keep Pele from his record schools were now level but after Pele was brought down in front of gold the referee pointed to the spot and history was made 80,000 fans were jubilant both Vasco and Santos supporters acknowledged the king of football high fences around the ground prevented spectators invading the pitch but there were so many journalists and photographers there to record the moment that parlay was swamped across Brazil people would remember where they were for the Melisa more in the second half of 1969 the Brazilian team was backing two qualifying matches for the upcoming World Cup.

The final match of the South American qualifying round was against Paraguay in front of a home crowd in the Marikana Stadium boat Brazil was undefeated in the qualifiers.

Paraguay was just one game down and a loss for the home side would see the two teams on equal points with the need for a playoff match the crowd of 180 3341 remains a world record attendance for a qualifying game Brazil would be happy with the drawer but Paraguay needed to win to force a deciding extra game at this time only 16 teams could make it to the finals tournament with England as the current cup holders and Mexico as the next host nation both guaranteed positions the contenders were playing for only 14 spots [Music] at halftime neither side had managed to score as the second half but underway the light was fading finally in the 78th minute Gershon on the left made a shot on goal that bounces off the goalkeeper and is put away by Pele Brazil made it through to get another World Cup tournament to this day it remains the only team to have been at every final series.

Pele had shown no sign of following through what his threat not to be involved in the next World Cup but the whole team was aware that just playing beautiful football may not be enough to get Brazil to the last game brazil's 1970 World Cup campaign was headquartered in the Mexican city of Guadalajara though everybody was entranced by the footballing superstars they were not the favorites coach where Saldana who had seen the team through a flawless qualifying campaign had been making enemies he said that Pele and post air would not play in the same team even suggesting that Pele might be dropped but Saldana himself was dropped and Mario zagallo found himself in the manager's job but first he was reluctant to make any changes that would adversely affect public opinion the tumoral generated by the last-minute coaching changes left the team looking vulnerable this actually worked to Brazil's advantage years later Pele discussed the pressure that comes with being the front-runner normally.

I don't like to be a failure because always wonder the team is the favorite of the other one they have a problem I think.

If the World Cup was today Brazil has a big chance to win but they're to be the favor I don't feel comfortable because ever every time in my life who has seen the team come to the World Cup as a favorite thing they lost Mario zagallo managed to develop a disciplined team that still left room for individual Flair the world had glimpsed his tactical creativity when as a player he changed the role of the midfielder to an attacking player but it was widely believed that the defense was weak and Brazilians had little faith in the squad's goalkeepers playing alongside pelé was too stale he regarded Pele as a kindred spirit and had an understanding about where he would be jay-z Mia was another attacking player in an attacking team he had just recovered from a twice-broken right leg Pele was concerned about avoiding injury rough treatment had plagued his two previous World Cups.

The tournament in Mexico would use a new system of yellow and red cards to make absolutely clear when a player was warned or sent off in addition to his on-field and training duties Pele was now having to devote time to his young fans he was good at this in the month before the competition started Brazil played an unofficial friendly match against the combined team from Guadalajara City the Brazilians they need to adjust to local conditions not only with the competition altitude would be a factor Guadalajara at fifteen hundred and ninety meters and Mexico City at twenty-two hundred and forty meters both presented difficulties for athletic ability.

Any game time was valuable for the players to put into practice the guidelines that Mario zagallo was giving them defenders were allowed to come forward if the situation was right the team was rehearsing ways of transforming to different configurations without becoming vulnerable,Brazil would be in Group C with Czechoslovakia Romania and the big threat England the defending champions the crowd at the estádio Jaleesa CO watched in awe as the Gala's system kicked into action the well-drilled team that still made allowance for players of genius was being watched closely by other World Cup teams to England who had a reputation as the best defenders still felt that although Brazil had a devastating attack they were French out at the back critics were saying that a team of Champions is not necessarily a championship team not many believe this except the nervous audience back home in Brazil in the end no one was surprised that Guadalajara City went down to Brazil three-nil with revelry no floor Aldo and Pele all scoring goals.

Early in the group phase, Brazil met England satellite technology now meant games could be televised internationally matches against European team started midday to suit European viewers England started confidently with several long-range shots that tested goalkeeper Felix ble soon came a moment that lives in the memories of all who saw it Pele shot on goal was perfect but Gordon Banks's reflex save was better then at the other end Li's header was saved as the game progressed the temperature rose to 37 degrees because of the early start FIFA had agreed to a new substitution rule for players without injury both sides were fierce in attack but in the second half the heat was causing Evelyn to wilt at the hundred minutes mark everything changed Castilla passed to Pele who passed to John senior Brazil supporters in the Estadio Jalisco went wild England had been regarded as their strongest opponent.



But England were not finished manager Alf Ramsey brought on a stolen bellows for Bobby Charlton and Frances lead and the team went all out for the equalizer though they had chances England just kept shooting wide result kept trying for some insurance but in the end jazzy Neos goal was the only score in the final Brazil dominated against the tired Italy they triumphed 4-1 Brazil this was the same trophy won by Uruguay at the first World Cup in 1930 the winners name was inscribed at the base and the statuette was held until the next tournament but the chart has stated that any nation winning at three times would get to keep it the prize had spent world war two hidden under a bed and it had been stolen in England and buried only to be dug up by a dog named pickles the golden statuette of victory would now stay with Brazil forever but nothing is so simple in 1983 the Jules Rimet trophy was stolen for the resilient football Confederations headquarters in Rio the thieves were caught they had melted the trophy down at the price that Pele.

His teammates had worked so hard to win was lost forever on July 18 1971 Brazil played Yugoslavia in another landmark match pelé had announced that he was retiring from the national team and more than 138,000 packed the Matakana Stadium to co-lead where the Brazil shirt for one last time during his long career penne had set many records but this was different the outcome of the match was unimportant that resilience assumed that their team would win Yugoslavia was a worthy opponent the nation had fielded a World Cup team for the first competition in 1930, they had performed well in five World Cup tournaments but the site of the legendary number 10 Jersey on the field was irresistible the Yugoslav certainly knew they are in hostile territory every time Pele would near the ball the crowd went wild Brazil would come out victors to nil with goals to Rivelino and Gerson even though the king did not score it didn't matter after the final whistle he was swamped by the press like so many times before the crowd had come to see Pele he paid tribute to the Marikana with a lap of honour it was said that he couldn't score because of the tears in his eyes on a television show Pele explained why he was retiring from the national team not so completely no mood then viewers got a glimpse of an experiment with a new career path.

Work here therefore we'll get there boys, Santos continued to play international exhibition games to show Pele to the world this match was against the Egyptian national side the Pharaoh's belly was still playing well and he could still draw a crowd never has a player been so strongly associated with one club Pele had helped to make Santos a dominant force in football and Santos had made Pele the best paid sportsman of his day yet there were problems with the King's finances unscrupulous business associates had sent him broke once and Santos had helped him reestablish himself Pele now had investments in a range of places to ensure against any recurrence of his previous money problems he was also guaranteed a share of the proceeds from Santos's offseason tours around the world and he was starting to look beyond playing to the next stage of his life a sportsman's playing career is necessarily short and Pele recognized that he was slowing downplaying exhibition matches in distant places, he did not want his the adoring public in Brazil to see him struggling against quality opposition when Pelle joined them Santos was struggling but thanks to him the club had built a solid base today it remains a force in Brazilian football Santos beat the Pharaohs five mil one of Santos is more interesting exhibition games was against the Chicago all-stars from the newly formed North American Soccer League.

The Latino community had turned out in force to see their hero and he didn't let them down the game was an eye-opener for all concerned so the crowd of 14,000 was small by Brazilian standards.

It was beyond anything that the organizers had hoped for and the Rockstar response that pal a God made Americans sit up and take notice head of the NASL was Phil Wilson a former West Ham United player he needed stars like Pele to lift the profile of soccer in the US and he made the King a lucrative offer but Pele was now looking toward retirement and declined he would not finish his career playing on astroturf to avoid being mobbed Pele was summoned from the field early Santos won 5-1, after Pele finally retired from Santos he began a series of training clinics around the world he said I want to bring soccer to the countries word is undeveloped he was passionate about this and he knew his fame would attract big numbers this skills in fitness session of the old Empire Stadium and the Maltese capital Valetta true not just boys wanting to learn from the master but there were several camera crews and the seats were full this emphasis on fitness had been important to Pele success after receiving injuries early in both the 1962 and 1966 World Cup campaigns.

He had to focus on regaining his full capacity via specially tailored exercises but he understood that frontrunners would also get more injuries many of them not accidental being fitter than your opponent meant that you had a better chance of avoiding damaging situations on the field those skills work with young players became a theme in Polly's life he was about to confront new difficulties that would change his plans as a minor shareholder in a rubber company he had signed a document making him responsible for a corporate bank loan that had gone bad for a second time how they faced bankruptcy soon here in a Rosemarie were in New York signing a contract worth four point five million dollars to play for the cosmos in the NASL this was a huge advance for the game in the u.s. but the people of Brazil were outraged that their hero had sold out to the Americans however Pele had driven a hard bargain cosmos owners Warner Communications as part of the deal had agreed to establish a football school for poor children in the Santos area by the time.

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The king ran onto the field wearing green and white it was revealed that he had also insisted on a Brazilian u.s. program for the exchange of coaching expertise across a range of sports the deal cosmos were investing in big dames Germany's France Britain bar the Kaiser was also playing in green and white like Santos New York Cosmos embarked on a series of high profile exhibition matches this one was against hard-hitting Italian team Lazio police influence was now extending beyond his ability to score goals he was one of a select few that started lifting the profile of the round ball game in the United States but most of the players had taken positions at cosmos late in their careers and soon realized that the standard was not all that good team harmony and discipline had fractured with Brazilians early passing to Pele and the few American players complaining about the domination of their English teammates and the NASL was messing with the rules Americans didn't like seeing drawn matches so if a game was still even after extra time one player starting from the 35 yard line would dribble toward goal in an attempt to beat the goalkeeper for his first two seasons of the New York Cosmos.

Pele though he was bringing fans through the turnstiles was not able to make much of an impression on his new team standings other teams in the North American League were reluctant to follow the Eastern clubs lead and spend so lavishly on fading stars infighting within the team continued it was as though the cosmos was a team shaped by accountants not by a strong and visionary coach Pele's enthusiasm dwindled and he began fulfilling only the bare necessities of his contract he was losing condition and it looked as though his final year with New York would end in disgrace but halfway through the season a very sudden change of coach brought quick results the match against Lazio was typical of peles time with the cosmos the games were well attended with the giant stadium regularly seeing crowds of 40,000 but results were patchy they lost to Lazio 3-2 and little was done to achieve long-term support for the game in the United States with police playing days coming to an end the Kosmos organized the ture so the world could say farewell to the king of football you know I feel very very very sorry because I love soccer and it's like a part of my life I lost but it's very important when you you stopped in good shape when you can't stop in good shape of course .

"I gonna miss a lot gonna be around I'm gonna stay in the United State."

I asked to Dakota if I can pass with the teammates sometimes but it's important we stopped when they were in good position and the topic of Korean I know what when I'm is no doubt about yes October I back to Brazil and gonna do things there because I want to see the game is to be wrong after Tokyo the New York Cosmos continued on to Calcutta where they would meet Mohan began Asia's oldest football club the reception at the airport was overwhelming everyone knew that Pele was popular but this was something different it was clear that he had become a global brand other players like Giorgio Chinaglia were ignored Chinaglia would go on to become the cosmos most prolific scorer defender Brian Rowand was all serve amused with the media response his teammate was being subjected to the match against bottom began in front of 100,000 people was a tool drawer but the result was not important people just wanted to see pal a play and increasingly just to see valet he was accustomed to the media glare in his easy polite manner endeared him to the public try to make people happy because I know everybody's the same.

I love the people, people love me , but this was the and he was uncertain about what to do next in conjunction with soft treat maker pepsi he embarked on a series of youth clinics to nurture talent in economically deprived parts of the world where plentiful talent was limited by lack of opportunity he had no interest in a coaching role yet he wanted to stay close to the game he had been a generous contributor to children's charities that this type of work allowed him to combine his humanitarian concerns with his passion for football although Pele still described himself as a simple country boy others saw him very differently just after his retirement from football Brazil's ambassador to the United Nations said of Pele he spent 22 years playing football and he has done more for goodwill and friendship than all of the ambassadors ever appointed though he had reestablished his financial security he could not forget his humble origins and was keen to help young people find a way out of poverty here in Kenya football had huge grassroots popularity and although the athletic ability of the young players showed great potential none were making the jump to international teams Pella had influenced young people's attitude to the game in Brazil.

He was working to have players from developing countries take on a similar role this became a media quest to find the next Pele and to this day talented young footballers are burdened with the epithet the new parlay but for Pele these types of football clinics were about more than just improving skills he believed to be a good player you had to be a good person these training exercises should also build character years later he explained to young people in Mexico advice from his father that had guided his life mi papá melissia siempre juega to carry certain girl who ever seen a que se prepara porque el dome de jugar FUBU Jose Tello do esto no es una de ahora si tu fuera sempre wrong way muchacho um when hombre simple respect handle a persona simply respect handle opponent is he was Davis a grandfather who came to us a mejor to celebrate his 50th birthday 17 years after he had left the New York Cosmos a charity match had been organized Milan sent Siro stadium was the venue and a healthy crowd was there to see the king once again he been in training so he would not disappoint his fans penne led a Brazilian side against the match was such a success that it would be the first in a string of similar charity matches police work with youth has been a constant throughout his life and he still retains a peculiar aura even though these players.

Were born long after his on-field career ended they still know what he achieved and hold him in high regard this tournament brought together student teams from schools in Brazil Bolivia South Africa and the United States they experienced other styles of play but the international contact was also promoting understanding and the United Nations was taking note well I dare at the key sport mallamma Nariman era might have the mysterious occurrences that are strong as those who was the appellee skills simply Daisy Cuando vicuna say Cuando le Ministre codepen Gia antennapedia para todos os adds para ver knows invest in his party to Jewish party for satiric rien service roads the oncoming winter - pass a police okay total that is getting to an age infant is Javanese they stole our what we call the duck stowing the emphasis is on football played to a high standard secondary benefits like tolerance and respect are instilled it's about the learning experience and getting to know how other countries play football the international popularity of football keeps Pele traveling for most of each year.

He graciously does the ceremonial duties that go with the opening of new playing arenas like this one in northern Greece he's keen to see local games and he always has his eye on for developing players because he sees so many young players he has acted as talent spotter for English Premier League club Fulham Bella's ability to attract publicity remains undiminished and he cheerfully smiles and waves at the cameras and poses with fans and there's always press conferences that give him the opportunity to spread the message of goodwill via football in 1992 in Rio de Janeiro a special tournament was organized between underprivileged children from Kenya and Brazil but this was just an adjunct to a much larger event the real Earth Summit and Perez role had changed as well he was now acting as a UN ambassador for ecology and the environment his travels had allowed him to see firsthand some of the problems experienced in the world's less developed areas fellows message was expanding he had come from poor origins and he instinctively understood the need to improve living standards around the world.

But now he was linking this to the quality of the environment his young audience had heard about ball-handling skills outside now he was talking about clean water and clean air this was a role he took seriously during a meeting with the German Chancellor Gerhard schröder he returned to the environment el problema de água Mundo Los Thakkar Vinci events play Maya protest song came across a mood important take Feliz Pookie who tonsillar GCC pieces acid le Kala stadium accompany a kudos Cupra oriental scrapper quitter finally at a press conference in Paris UNESCO did formally a point Play as a goodwill ambassador in very many ways Pele can be a precious asset to our organization in promoting not simply sport but the essential values of the sport that as you know is the most important program of UNESCO.

Bris ill Pele was making a different type of contribution President Fernando Henrique Cardoso appointed in to the position of extraordinary Minister for sport he used this position to curb corrupt practices in Brazilian football administration introducing legislation that became known as the pale ale or just before the 1998 World Cup in Paris FIFA announced the world football team of the 20th century prison to receive the honor would Carlos Alberto the captain of Brazil's 1970 World Cup team Nilton Santos defender in three Brazilian World Cup sides Alfredo di stéfano from Argentina he played for River Plate a and Real Madrid before a successful coaching career and of course pallid still regarded as the best ever other players dominated included Johan Kriek Franz Beckenbauer Diego Maradona and Michel Platini after the ceremonies Perry was keen to air his ideas about the future of the game the players participate more what we like is the more democracy I think Mr. bass know there everybody want charged I think they wanna change.



Honors just keep flowing propelling when the streets outside London's Buckingham Palace were force tuned with Brazilian Flags it was to mark the awarding of a knighthood to Pele for his humanitarian work Pelle was now an honorary Knight commander of the British Empire and he was marked the following day at a function at Chelsea Stamford Bridge home representatives from the British government said they liked the enthusiasm that Pele can generate and that the integration of sport with Community Development helps to overcome inequality and disadvantage there is one team of young players that Pele watches very closely Brazil during the lead up to significant tournaments when Brazil at preparing Pele is usually there naturally he loves Brazil and he keeps an eye on players form understanding who they will be up against in opposing teams but sometimes he's called on as a mentor Ronaldo's korea-based similarities to Pele's he burst onto the scene at just 17 and went on to World Cup glory and like Pele he suffered serious injury he ruptured a tendon in his right knee during a match with his Italian side Inter Milan despite the best medical attention and intensive physiotherapy it looked like the injury would finish his career.

Ronaldo was losing hope I made you a secret engagement razón which the push capella the enemy incasa comment hours of the so Bria male donkey little you know senses and SH Soraka here at the Ellickson cannot put the real magic of voltagio comfortable really if you go one is a phaser on the help of Nora had to not be under the Roman god set yes as distillation which motives our own as of this money - much for prion disease Jo question a lot on the project , when I convinced Reynaldo a complete recovery was possible, I see one edema seven Pele was a room manager looking for sin nombre de salud on a moment they were secure the borders without suitable, he did and went on to win the FIFA Best Player of the Year for a second time the lead-up to the Beijing Olympics or Pele at the Forbidden City Rio de Janeiro's in the running to become the host city for the 2016 Olympics and Pele was in Beijing as goodwill ambassador lobbying his capitals proposal,the responsibility for me to represent all the players all the sports players in the world and to be to congratulate those heroes those boys and congratulate also the big success from the Olympics here means a lot for me.

Then I take this opportunity to ask to you Rio de Janeiro way to for 2016 the International Olympic Committee had shortlisted Rio along with Chicago Madrid and Tokyo because the Summer Games had never been held in South America people believed it was but the city was leaving nothing to chance Pele was the rio proposals at another press conference during the Beijing Games Pele was back with the team and a slick presentation Rio had tried for the games in 1936 in 2004 and in 2012 and there was a feeling of inevitability building around this proposal having recently hosted the pan-american games Rio already had much of the sporting infrastructure in place and the country's rapidly expanding economy meant that an Olympic budget was well within reach, it's impossible to underestimate police contribution is Charmin easy which continue to endear him to the press my time professional could not be an Olympics unfortunately then with the respect of the world of Brazilian if he was there Brazil we will have the medal these days presidents and prime ministers are happy to be seen with the man that retains the aura of the most skilled football player ever his standing continues to grow through the responsible use of his popularity to advance concerns about underprivileged children and the environment Rio de Janeiro won the 2016 Olympic bid and Brazil will also be hosting the 2014 World Cup this man the king of football 1,280 goals three World Cups top goalscorer in the campaign yatta Paulista eleven times nine in consecutive years 31 team trophies fifa world cup golden ball and the best player who has ever played the beautiful game.