Cristiano Ronaldo: a history from a poor childhood to the best in the world (part3)

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Cristiano Ronaldo: a history from a poor childhood to the best in the world (part3)

It would be a very tight game Ronaldo standing out as he got close to scoring on several occasions.

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No one would get the ball on the net and the game would go on to penalties.

It would all be over as Bruno Alves would hit the bar and Spain would be on to the final leaving everyone feeling like Portugal deserved more especially as Portugal had beat them four-nil in their previous friendly match it had been years of massive disappointments for Ronaldo Messi had taken the last tribal on doors and was bound to take the next as Ronaldo kept losing inches away from glory the next season would be the start of a shift Ronaldo would become a deadlier more decisive version of himself in the start of the season it would score two goals to get real Madrid the super cup as they faced Barcelona then he would get his first champions league hat-trick against tax later on the year he would get a brace in El Clasico becoming the first-ever player to score in six consecutive el clasicos in 2013.

He with captain real Madrid for the first time and then also becoming the first-ever non-Spanish player to captain real Madrid in el Clasico for 60 years.

Regardless of his performances he would fail to win La Liga and would once again fail to go past the semi-finals in the champions league going down to Dortmund despite scoring 12 goals that season seven of them in the six knockout matches he played the next season he would be joined by Gareth bale would cost 100 million to real Madrid beating Ronaldo's transfer record this would begin the reign of BBC Madrid's front three consisting of bail Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo would start the season with 32 goals in 22 matches the most memorable moments coming from an international playoff against Sweden the media would take the opportunity to heavily market this match as a direct confrontation between Ronaldo and Ibrahimovic as both national teams were known to heavily rely on their star players in the first leg Ronaldo would score the only goal giving the lead to partial.

But the second leg would prove to be much more eventful as the match should start very calm with a couple of notable moments but it would only truly ignite itself in the second half as with a beautiful true pass by Moutinho followed by a great run by Ronaldo it would make it one-nil Ibrahimovic didn't shy away from confrontation this time going on to score twice in four minutes first with a header and then with a free-kick that went under the wall great moments come when great players are put under pressure to perform and that is just what happened that day Ronaldo would follow Zlatan's lead and get a second goal with the lightning-fast run before getting his hat trick and securing partial spots at the world cup as the year came to an end it would total 86 goal contributions in 59 appearances truly undeniable.

He would once again manage to top out Messi and win his second ballon d'Or.

The rest of the season would be even more impressive as despite losing the league title to Atletico Madrid who managed just three more points internationally it would be one of his most memorable years it would immediately start well as he scored a hat-trick in the first champions league game of the season against Galatasaray then two goals against Copenhagen and another two against Juventus and to finish it all won each against bo Juventus and Copenhagen as he met them for the second time if he had not missed the game against Galatasaray he could have become the first-ever player to score in all matches of the group stage in the last 16 he would score four against chalk to total out at 13 goals this was already more than he had ever scored and the only Messi had ever managed more throughout an entire tournament despite Ronaldo still being only in the last 16 round then despite missing one of the matches against Dartmouth.


Cristiano Ronaldo: a history from a poor childhood to the best in the world (part4)

He would still manage to score against him as he went on to meet Bayern in the semi-finals where he would score twice against them to become the first-ever player to break the 15 goal mark in a season to which he would add another legendary celebration it was time for the final where they would meet Atletico went victim to the league title this would be real Madrid's 10th ever champions league locals called it lavessima their search for this trophy would become the stuff of legends it would be played in Portugal at the stadium of light where Perseus legend of zebu had had his funeral earlier that year a man who was one of Ronaldo's favorite players and had been a mentor to him over the years with the national team the pressure was on and to make matters even worse for Ronaldo.

He would get injured before the match everyone expected him to miss the match but Ronaldo has made it a habit to be exceptional and to this moment he would say in life you do not win without sacrifices and you must take risks as he would go on to play the final through injury the game would start on the worst way possible as god dean gave Atletico the lead the game would progress till the very last minute without a change to the scoresheet and as Atletico fans prepared to start celebrating Modric would step up to take a corner and the rest will never be forgotten water yes Sergio Ramos unbelievable in the nick of time Gary Neville Sergio Ramos absolutely broke the spirit of Atletico Madrid players the extra time would be a massacre first Marcelo then bale and then Ronaldo with a penalty to end.

It all Madrid as champions of Europe as Ronaldo finished the tournament with 17 goals by far the most ever scored by anyone in a single season.

Despite only two players ever managing more than 12 Ronaldo had managed to absolutely destroy those records that day Ronaldo certainly made those ivy proud may the black panther never be forgotten as per usual it was time for the world cup this would be Ronaldo's most underwhelming tournament as he forced himself to play in it despite suffering from two different injuries one of them would change his career forever massively hurting his pace and dribbling ability but the greats always manage to overcome whatever is put between them and their goals that tournament it was so poor physically that he had to quit practice twice in the days before the opening match where Portugal would get destroyed four-nil by Germany, it would then still manage to save Portugal from a loss against the united states through a last-minute assist and then get them a late winner as he scored in the final few minutes of their match against ghana.

But it would not be enough Portugal will be knocked out of the tournament in goal difference in the next season Ronaldo would maintain his form scoring both goals as Real beat Sevilla 2-0 in the UEFA super cup and then going on to score fifteen goals in the first 8 matches in the league it would end the year by winning the club world cup before going on to winning is stirred ballon d'or the 2014-2015 season would be the least impressive of his last five at real Madrid they would finish second in the league and would go out on the semi-finals as Juventus beat them by a single goal despite Ronaldo scoring two goals against them and managing to finish as top scorer of the tournament, it would also score 5 goals for the first time in his career as he even managed to score an eight-minute hat-trick against Granada when.

It comes to goal scoring the season would be one of his most impressive as he would win the golden shoe once again and would beat his goal-scoring record managing to score 61 goals.

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That season being involved in 68 across the 53 matches.

He played to keep in mind that by then it was already 30 years old that just should not be possible after this season Zidane would take over and he would completely change our Ronaldo played it would show him that with his age coming into play he would lose his explosiveness and that he had to switch to a more central role where he did not depend on his strength as much and where he could develop his deadliness in front of goal, in summary, Zidane created a monster by the beginning of the 2015-2016 season Ronaldo would get his 324th goal for real Madrid becoming their all-time top scorer it had taken 16 seasons and 741 matches for a wall to achieve this mark it only took Ronaldo a little more than 6 seasons and 310 matches to overtake him as he managed more than one goal per game played from the start of this champions league venture under Zidane hon also would look virtually unbeatable as he managed to score eleven goals in the 6 group stage matches.

He played no player had ever managed to reach double figures in the group stage then it would score in both legs against Roma but oddly enough their next game against underdogs Wolfsburg would prove to be the most challenging the first leg would be a disaster with real losing 2 nil they needed a comeback on the second leg and of course one man had to put his foot forward and show everyone how to be truly decisive by the 17th minute of the second leg Reynald went already scored twice first a tap-in and then a header from a corner they needed one more gold this time around Ronald would be more patient and by the 77 minutes it would be worth it a free-kick Cristiano Ronaldo beautiful something close to genius he's turned the tie around, this could have been his most legendary champions league campaign.

He would once again suffer fitness issues missing out on the semi-final matches but it would come back in time for the final where once again.

They would face Atletico de Madrid this would be the opposite of the first final this time Sergio has would score early and Atletico Madrid will get the equalizer later on but real wouldn't budge in the same way Atletico did in 2014 the game toward the penalty shootout where Ronaldo would save himself for last by the fourth penalty Juan Fran would miss to give reality advantage it was time for Ronaldo to take on a penalty spot and as per usual in thug Atletico's grave once again champions of Europe it seemed like the perfect season but this was nowhere near its peak in the summer Ronaldo would take on the euro 2016.

No one gave much of a chance to Portugal as they had one of their most underwhelming lineups in decades but someone once said when you have Ronaldo you always have a chance the first two games would be so underwhelming as Portugal only managed two draws against Iceland and Austria still Portugal only depended on themselves to go through since as long as they beat Hungary they would have a spot in the quarterfinals but the game would start horribly as Portugal considered in the 19th minute it would take a while for partial to clap back as Ronaldo assisted 90 to a goal in the 42nd minute but it wouldn't last long as Hungary would score again just five minutes later the back and forth wouldn't stop as Renault would level the game once more with a superb backfill goal once again the tie would only be kept for another five minutes as Hungary got the lead again Fernando Santos would sub in charisma.

His longtime friend known for their connection the duo wouldn't disappoint with Grisman's first touch on the ball he would cross it to Ronaldo who would head it in to settle the score at a three-goal draw partial kept the third place and barely made it to the last 16. there Portugal and Croatia would prove themselves worthy opponents as the game went into extra time with no goals scored once again the duel would solve the game as Ronaldo got a shot on target and kuerashma got the rebound to take Portugal to the quarter-finals Portugal still hadn't managed to win a single game over 90 minutes and Poland would not be the case either Lewandowski would score in the second minute but the game would end on a tie as eighteen-year-old Renato Sanchez would score the equalizer on penalties Portugal would take the win.

Sri Patricia saved blazikowski's effort before Qarase would score to capitalize on that mistake partial were true to the semi-finals where they would finally win a game in regular time as Ronaldo got a goal and an assist in under three minutes to kill the game twelve years later Ronaldo had another shot at a euro final from an 18-year-old kid and controllably crying on the pitch to a grown 32-year master of the game, unfortunately, the final would have a similarly catastrophic start as Ronaldo would have to come out injured after just 25 minutes most players would let themselves crumble as they wallowed in their own misery but not Ronaldo he rose and spent the entire match yelling commands from the sidelines like a true captain would by the 79th minute heather be told to come in Ronaldo would take it upon himself to motivate him before he walked onto the pitch.

Ronaldo told him he knew he had it in him he knew he would score the winning goal Ronaldo gave him the strength the energy he needed and that was vital and those are not my words but actually others as in extra time it will do just this not got much help oh it doesn't need any the help who rarely scores have scored maybe the biggest goal in the history of the Portugal national team well I said that earlier and finally Portugal has become European champions the greatest night of Cristiano Ronaldo's career which had the worst possible start showing the world that you should truly never give up no matter how unlikely your success might seem Ronaldo would finish the tournament with the highest ever percentual goal contribution in a victorious run as he was involved in 66 of the goals scored over the tournament.



But still, it would not win player of the tournament it would miss the first three matches of the season including the European super cup this would be a wild card year in terms of his performances Ronaldo would destroy the club world cup even becoming the first-ever player to score in a hat trick in the final but in the champions league, it would be on some of his worst forms ever despite scoring in the first two matches he would go on a six-match dry streak all the way to the quarter-finals Messi would be on 11 goals already by then nine ahead of Ronaldo it seemed impossible that he could reach him now that the competition was so hard but there is no such thing as impossible when it comes to Cristiano Ronaldo the next match it would face Bayern Munich and he would score twice to get the comeback for real Madrid who started the game by conceding in the second leg.

It would prove to be even more deadly as he got a hat trick that's five goals in two matches against the unbeatable Manuel Neuer as he seemed to have an acquired taste for reaping world-class goalkeepers to shreds it would score another hat-trick as he faced Atletico Madrid and their start goalkeeper Jan of luck soon it would be time for the final they would face Juventus and Ronaldo needed one goal to get on a level with Lionel Messi between Ronaldo and that achievement stood not only john Luigi Buffon one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time but one of the greatest defensive formations of the decade as Ronaldo came onto the pitch.

It would only need one touch to get his first goal this man was taking on the impossible and playing around with it as if the world meant nothing to him it would score one more goal before the end of the match to get his tally up to 12 goals one more than Lionel Messi and 10 of them coming in his last five matches against some of the biggest names in Europe this would be the fifth consecutive season it would be the top scorer of the champions league to head to this perfect season it would also win la Liga...