Cristiano Ronaldo : History from a poor childhood to the best in the world (part 1)

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Cristiano Ronaldo : History from a poor childhood to the best in the world (part 1)

Over the years I've realized that Ronaldo and Messi's saga has been glorified so much.

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That people have started to be unfair to them some say we have to appreciate them both and I would say they're right but the thing is their careers are so exceptional.

That it's hard to truly grasp just how great they are they have given us years of entertainment always defying what we deem possible they deserve to have their story told not just by numbers not just by their greatest moments but all of it how did they come to be how is it possible to become Christiano Ronaldo he's in good shape that's typical absolutely brilliant and the story starts before he was even born in the late 1960s his father was part Kev version had to serve mandatory military service he left to Angola where he had to fight the locals demanding independence from Portugal the conditions for the soldiers were awful they had no drinking water food supplies would often rot and they would be left to starve not to mention how they weren't prepared to face the diseases they would find in Africa as many would die from malaria for 18 months you would live amongst death and suffering Angola would eventually win the war his dad would return home to find a different Portugal who had fallen into an economic pit as they used all the resources in a war.

He was left to under the streets of Madera wallowing in his own misery soon.

He would develop a drinking habit which would quickly turn into fully blown alcoholism over the next decade he would have three children with his wife Dolores and will find a job as a gardener but also a side gig as a kit man for the local club endurings the family would face a major crisis as the lurch got pregnant a fourth time they decided there was no way the family could afford to have another child as they were facing massive financial issues she would talk to her doctor about the possibility of having an abortion but he would disapprove the lord believed there was really no way of bringing this child into the world so she took matters into her own hands as she told it herself she would attempt to force an abortion by drinking as much south beer as she possibly could and going for runs only stopping when her body wasn't able to sustain the fatigue but she would fail and on the 5th of February of 1985 at 10 20 am.

In the city of San Pedro in Madeira a baby would be born they would name him Cristiano Ronaldo.

The lords would decide to keep and raise the baby as she believed that she failed to abort him because god had a great destiny awaiting her child despite making it into this world his life would be as green as the lord's anticipated they would struggle to make ends meet every month living in a tiny home with no electricity where Cristiano shared a room with all of his three siblings on Christmas he would receive no gifts so just like most Portuguese kids, Ronald would take on the streets to play football with the local children despite being very gifted the other children would call him sure which would roughly translate to crybaby in English as he would get very frustrated whenever the other kids failed to play up to his standard seeing this his parents would take him to endure there his love for football would wherever he went his dedication made it so his talent would be even more notable amongst other kids soon.



He would earn himself another nickname they would start calling him oblina or little v in english because he was very small compared to other kids but also very fast and less than three years after in 1995 national one of the biggest clubs from adera would sign him as their tales from this wonder kid from one of their scouts who had no trouble finding him as he was actually his godfather his time at nacional served to show the locals how amazing it really was it would be moved up the academy team to the point where he would end up playing everyone he would still manage to be the captain of his team the worth would go around the island who up till then never even had a player good enough to be called up for the national team a kid had arrived and he was bound to conquer the world a local man who had strong connections with sparting would be introduced to ronaldo and he would be so impressed with his skills that he would immediately call out ellie preda who was a sporting cp scout asking him if ronaldo could get a tryout which it would allow but with one condition ronaldo had to come to lisbon later that day the 12 year old would talk to his mom and soon.

He would be leaving his humble roots to go fight for his dream he went into training knowing he was being tested in what might have been one of the first times, Ronaldo showed how well he performed under pressure, it would perform so magnificently among the spartan academy players that the pro players who played in the pitch next where Ronaldo was would move over so they could watch him play clearly leaving the club speechless he would be signed on the spot but this would lead him to make the most important decision of his life he would have to leave his family at 12 years old to go live by himself at sporting cp's academy and hope that one day it would make it being from Rivera Cristiano had a very thick accent which it would relentlessly get mocked for it would feel so depressed that it would eventually be sent back to Madeira in his first year since the coaches believed he couldn't focus as long as he felt so down about it back in Madeira his family would show him.

That he had to ignore people who wish to see him fail a young Ronaldo realized that his potential could not be wasted the next year he would power to the eight and go back to sporting cp as eventually, the other players would become like family to him being an 11-year-old academy player for one of the biggest Portuguese clubs might seem like a dream to many and it surely is but the conditions were still not the best the rooms were very small and Ronaldo didn't like them so we would only go there to sleep spending his days either at the pitch training at school or roaming the streets of Lisbon money was still tight in his early years his friends had a habit of going to the local McDonald's late at night and asking the employees for the leftover burgers they still had two of his most difficult years would come after he hit 14 years of age despite the environment he created for himself at the academy.


Cristiano Ronaldo: History from a poor childhood to the best in the world (part 4)

He still got bullied at school, he tried to ignore them and remain calm but one day a teacher mocked him in front of his class for his accent this would make Ronaldo furious would talk back but instead of realizing how out of pocket his statements were the teacher would double down and mock his family for being poor Ronaldo snapped threw a share at the teacher and that same day he was expelled it would talk to his mom and another big decision would come from this conversation Ronaldo would decide to leave school and focus full time on his football career this would put him under immense pressure it could not allow himself to fail he had to give it all and just like that something out of his control would come to nearly ruining his life Ronaldo was diagnosed with racing art syndrome this meant his art would race even when he was quiet how could he go through so much physical effort without compromising his life that same week Ronaldo had to go through surgery take a second to imagine you are a 15 year old.

A boy who just left his hometown and dropped out of school in search of his dream.

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Now that single source of hope could be taken away from you and that first week would pass and fortunately this treatment would go by smoothly and just a few days after it would be back to training over these years ronaldo had proved his value so many times that he had progressed to the academy's rankings always playing with far older players than him this would lead him to being called up to the youth national teams many times getting a total of 18 goals over 34 appearances for the different tiers but as he turned 16 he would become illegible for playing professionally and sporting cp's coach at the time laszlo bolani would not let that opportunity be wasted ronaldo would become the first ever player to play for the under 16 17 18 b team and first team all in one season but his debut in the portuguese league would only come in 2002 a few months after he turned 17 in a match against moradians ronaldo would go all in getting the ball in the net for the first time just as the game started but it would be deemed offside it would test the keeper's reflexes once again later.

Before half time he would get the ball near the center circle dribble, not one not two but every meridians player and then ship the ball over the keeper to get his first competitive goal that same game it would show how much he enjoyed scoring them as he got his second goal in the last minute of the match he would finish the season with the third-highest goals per minute only behind the two main strikers which is understandable as he played as an attacking midfielder for sporting its performances would catch the high of many European clubs including manchester united who wanted to sign him and then loan him back to sporting so he could keep progressing but his faith would be truly decided on the 6th of august of 2003. sporting has built themselves a new stadium as partial preparation for the euro 2004 and for its inauguration they decided to invite over manchester united to play a friendly match against him what happened that day Ronaldo was a man on a mission it would look simply unplayable an 18-year-old was terrorizing the manchester united defense.

He would get his first assist by the 25th minute by half time.

It would be all the manchester united players talked about in the locker room the second half would be equally impressive before the match ended it would create the chance for the third sporting goal as they defeated manchester united three to one on the plane home manchester united players told tales of the Portuguese wonder kid they had found begging Sir Alex to sign him and only six days later Ronaldo would be arriving in manchester he was the first-ever Portuguese player to be signed by manchester united at 13 million pounds he was the most expensive teenager in English football history surpassing another Portuguese teenager uguviano Newcastle paid 8 million for as he was shown around the premises and dealt with the remaining bureaucracy Ronaldo was asked to choose his shirt number it would choose the number 28 but then sir Alex Ferguson would personally speak to him and ask him to wear the number seven this was a sign of what was to come sir Alex saw in Ronaldo what the world would only witness a few years later Ronaldo would not shy away from the pressure.

He would follow george best eric cantona and more recently david beckham in the task of carrying the weight of the number 7 on his back only four days after signing contract with man united cristiano stepped into stadium of man united for his first match as a red devil 67 000 people sheared in the stands as on the 61st minute sir alex looked back onto the bench and asked ronaldo to get ready the 18 year old would come on exchange for nikki butt with dyed blonde streaks tape around both his ankles wearing silver r9 mercurial vapors as he shoot gum he stepped onto the pitch and another fairy tale would start cristiano absolutely destroyed the opposition with a seemingly never-ending skill set his feet seemed too fast for the human mind to process he was so confident that by stoppage time he would ask phil neville to step aside so he could take a free kick his confidence was surely never in question by the end of the match george best would call it undoubtedly the most exciting debut he had ever seen as his last few weeks seemed like a frenetic run from one meaningful day to another just four days after his debut for manchester united it would also have his debut for the portuguese national team in a one-nil win over kazakhstan.

In his first season he would get 40 appearances mostly coming from the bench as he would manage 4 goals and 9 assists it would also make his debut in the champions league against stuttgart as he would crash out of the competition in the last 16 in a treated two defeat against porto would go on to win the competition his last two matches would be the most notorious as he would score on both getting his first red card on the first of the two a league game against aston villa and winning his first trophy in a second as he scored the opening goal in the fa cup final as summer arrived it was time for another big challenge cristiano would be called up for the euro 2004 the first ever to be played in portugal imagine you are 19 years old and you are put on a bus that will drive across your homeland you look around and the other people in it are ballon d'or in champions league winners legends known all around the world you look out the window and there's thousands swarming the bus no matter how far from the stadium you might be euro 2004 was one of the most magical and memorable moments in portuguese.

Football everyone came together to witness the golden generation power.

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Through the competition throughout that tournament Portugal truly played with 12 men on the pitch Ronaldo was no average young man he would not let himself fall under pressure from the first game he would come in from the bench and score Portugal's only goal as they lost against Greece then they would play Russia and once again Ronaldo came in late and assisted Rory costa as he doubled Portugal's lead they would beat Spain as Ronaldo was part of the starting lineup just like that Portugal were three matches away from possibly becoming European champions in their own turf the quarter-final match would start in the worst way possible as Michael Owen put England in front just three minutes into the match both teams would battle each other for 80 minutes only to be stopped by elder prestige would come from the bench to equalize and the drama would not stop there hui Carson would score 10 minutes before the end but Portugal would not manage to hold that a lead as frank Lampard would tie the match once again.

It was time to play roulette the game would be decided on penalties David Beckham would miss the first hui costa would miss as well and they were partial to the semi-finals where they would meet the Netherlands this would be Ronaldo's best match during the competition as Portugal would win 2-1 with Ronaldo scoring the first goal and then assisting second leading Portugal to their first-ever major final at the age of 19. this would be a character-building moment for Cristiano with all the odds in favor of Portugal they would go into the final and lose Christian Ronaldo's obsession with perfection would be obvious to everyone for the first time it would succumb in the center of the pitch not being able to contain himself he would start crying seeming immune to the constellation of his teammates in the press conference he would promise the Portuguese people that he would make up for the disappointment his second season.


The golden boy Messi showed his talents to the world.