a history: Rivaldo career of football with Barcelona (part1)

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a history: Rivaldo career of football with Barcelona (part1)

For years international football has been dominated by the flashy entertaining and extremely skillful stars from the South American nation of Brazil.

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The country has provided the world with the production line of footballing greats whose legends will long outlast their careers this time.

We shine the spotlight on the amazing rags to riches tale of Ravel's de Vitor Borba Ferrera nineties friends and fans simply as Rivaldo Rivaldo was born on the 19th of April 1972 in Paulista Brazil, located in the state of Pernambuco a city made famous for its beaches however the future looked far from bright for the young Revolver, who was born into extreme poverty, Rivaldo grew up in the favelas of the town the poverty experienced by a revolver, caused him to be malnourished as a child and also to lose a number of his teeth footballing fame seemed a world away.

His circumstances presented a major obstacle that would need to be overcome if he was to reach his potential as a footballer, he simply didn't have the physical health and strength to survive in a professional sport but when a person possesses as much natural talent as revolt there is always help however all hope was nearly lost in 1989 what his father remember was killed in a road accident despite his sorrow, the 16-year-old revolver signed with local club pal Lister later that year the POW Lister coaches took a chance on Ravana even though they believed he was physically too weak to succeed, he remained with the club until 1991 when he moved to Santa Cruz, he lasted a year there before moving south to the state of Sao Paulo in 92 where he played for mogi mirim in the Brazilian second tiered league.

It was when mogi mirim that Rivaldo produced one of the highlights of his young career.

And made club scouts stand up and take notice in a 1993 Sao Paulo state championship match against Nora Lester as soon as the referee's whistle was blown to begin the match, Rivaldo noticed that the neuro ester goalkeeper was out of position he lobbed the ball from the midfield circle over the defenders and the keeper and into the net for a goal, the next season saw a Volvo in the first division playing for Corinthians in the state capital, he had a fantastic season but switched clubs again after a year this time he moved to Parma Aris who went on to win the Brazilian série our championship, Rivaldo was transferred to Europe and played for Spanish club deportivo la Coruna, he spent just one season there before being transferred to FC Barcelona in 1997.

He had an immediate impact and earned many individual trophies in his five seasons with the club among them a prestigious FIFA World Player of the Year award in 1999.

Rivaldo produced arguably his best football during his time at Barcelona however during his third year at the club, he had a falling-out with manager Louis van Gaal after Rivaldo insisted on being played as a playmaker rather than on the left wing, he was released from his contract in 2002 and put up for transfer there are some who thought revolver was having a negative impact on the club, I hope they Barcelona will be championed because of ravel dos departure, I hope they get titles for Barcelona because they have no excuse Rivaldo is gone according to them Rivaldo was the one causing damage to the system well Rivaldo is no longer in that system now they surely will be champions of the European Cup, the league and the King Cup Baliga a couple of me when Ravel does departure was confirmed.

He thanked the club and the Barcelona fans for their support for five seasons I'm leaving the same way, I entered here through the front door I always tried to do my best for Barcelona, and surely the fans have done their best for Rivaldo that's what happens in soccer, Barcelona has also done many good things for Rivaldo thanks again to oh I see giddy a dollar has grasshoppers with Barcelona behind him, the next step was to find a new club and there were many interested parties it was Italian club AC Milan, that secured his services Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi played a major role in luring the midfielder to Milan Memorial phonation inch barrel quite fun, I hope to be in top form because I know it's difficult to win the Italian league, I've always been a winner Sameer for me all officiating a simply free Vincent dorky due to frost ' are nominal.



We need a comedian this is all for you there were a lot of clubs interested in buying me, but I think I've made the right decision coming to Milan it's a great team and a great club, oh I want to thank him for his confidence in me and bringing me to Milan can we see everyone's visibility elephant, I'm a professional I spoke to him several times on the telephone and I'd like to thank him for the contract one that I've built but up at bottom you know revolver came to Milan as one of the top players in the world, he had scored 130 goals during his five seasons at Barcelona the Brazilian midfielder seduced crowds with his attacking style of play typifying the so-called Samba style, so often associated with Brazilian football when he arrived at Milan.

The club was already doing very well unfortunately for Rivaldo.

He never managed to reproduce the form he'd enjoyed at parcel owner, he struggled at his new club partly because of repeated injury problems and was not a regular starter for the team despite his individual struggles Milan was performing well, and Rivaldo was part of the team's UEFA Champions League, the club was attempting to win, its sixth title Milan progressed through both group stages as table leaders they then defeated IX in the quarterfinals, and went on to face rivals Inter Milan in the semis fortunately for Imelda AC managed to squeeze through on the away goals rule Milan put a faced fellow Italian rivals Juventus in the final, you better sit also perform strongly in the competition they dispatch Spanish giants FC Barcelona and r. Madrid towards the final was to be held at Old Trafford in England on the 28th of May 2003.

It was the first time in history that two Italian clubs had faced each other in the Champions League final.

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Rivaldo had continued his topsy-turvy form in the Champions League, he was still struggling to cement his place in the side and was certainly not guaranteed to be named in the squad for the final as it turned out Rivaldo was included in the team but remained on the sidelines as a substitute on the day, it was a tight contest the school has remained at Neil all after extra time but Milan eventually prevailed 3-2 on penalties among Ravel those club achievements to date our Brazilian série our championship in 1994 two Spanish, La Liga titles in 1998 and 99 and the UEFA Champions League title in 2003 along with three greek league titles in a row in 2005 to 2007, after his first season in AC Milan his time with the club looked all but over in 2004, he left and briefly returned to Brazil playing for Cruz area before moving to his ninth club Olympiakos in the same year.


Rivaldo enjoyed a very successful international career with Brazil playing for his country from 1993 to 2003, Rivaldo and the national team enjoyed a host of successes during his tenure the most significant of these successes came in the 2002 World Cup the Brazilian team we're hoping to make up for their loss in the final four years early they finished first in the group and went on to face Belgium in the second round they play like in England so lots of the long balls that they are strong on the air, so we have to be careful there and then but as you have to have to play the same area that they're playing the Brazilians went into the match favorites after their strong performance in the group stage, they didn't disappoint winning to nil the next mission for Brazil was to beat England.

The English team had finished second in their group and then defeated Denmark 3mil in a second way, the match promised to be charmed they are taking a lot with a lot of players with a lot of skill of course so we must pay attention of course and defending very well but you can't win football games only defending you have to attack as well Rivaldo was in good form for Brazil having scored a goal in every match so far, we have to be very compact very tight work as a unit, it's a great guy everybody wanted to see this as the final but instead, it's the quarter-final, Rivaldo had scored the winning goal from a penalty the thing to do is if we have the opportunity as we did in the first the game against Turkey and group games is to score goals.

we need to score that we only want because we were helped by the referee so we need to score the goals if the opportunity comes the Brazilians were too strong prevailing one-nil in a hard-fought contest in the final, they would face the mighty Germans Germany had overcome Paraguay the United States and Korea in the finals had only conceded one goal in the tournament, so far thanks to the saving skills of their captain goalkeeper Oliver Kahn, Brazil's uni Nia acknowledged the challenge ahead of them we have to be confident we know that we are prepared but we know, I was difficult to win Germans.

I think we are prepared for anything no simple Madeira cake we played the same way.

we played the first six games we know Germany is ready too but we are ready to win the future Mazda Brazil table, everybody government hey Mandy builder, I'm a CDC McClure Goodman become to me so extreme film, it well I've got a feeling telling me that will be the world champion Jesus came I can't really explain why more descriptive everyone one of us has to play the game of his life in Deutschland losses bazillion is Kleiss.

They're probably the best teams world yes fine terms, It individual players to me oh the deception of people in every position we'd absolutely based clásico, none do not always windy reduce me to the news if your best team always won the world.